The most versatile of our services, each brush work design is a unique, one of a kind piece of art crafted in skin safe, cosmetic grade face paint and (if desired) glitter, to the customer's specifications.  Want a purple dragon with blue flame?  DONE!  Want a orange crab holding a red rose?  YEP!  A panda with a flame thrower?  WE'LL GIVE IT A SHOT!  We'll try most anything (withing the bounds of good taste - we ARE family friendly 😊). 

PROSWhen brush painting you can challenge us to create truly unique and unusual.    We have an easy off water based version and a more resistant alcohol based version.

DURABILITY:  WATER BASED VERSION: Most easily applied AND removed.  Generally 1 day or less.  ALCOHOL BASED VERSION: More water (and sweat) resistant, this version can last a day or two.

REMOVAL: A good baby wipe or wash cloth (may stain lighter colors) is usually all you need, although the alcohol version and a few of the water based colors might benefit from a little make-up remover.

We also have a special line of High Def Tattoos.  CoutureToos are crafted with triple milled glitter, and can be embellished with Swarovski crystals, to create designs suitable for Prom and Weddings or our "Real" Matte Ink can create a realistic black ink tattoo! (These services are offered by appointment or by special arrangement).

Need to paint the masses?  We have a 12 gun airbrush system that can put 1 or 2 painters to work, each painting between 15 to 20+ designs an hour.   We have over 100 stencils to choose from or can tailor a selection to your theme or need.

PROS: The advantage here is speed and color - we can paint fast and blend colors to create something eye catching in a hurry.

CONS: Requires access to electricity and a minimum 10 x 10 space.
DURABILITY:  Two or three days depending on care.
REMOVAL:  Soap and water.


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Airbrush Tattoos

  Brush Work

Add aDASHof color to you next event!

GlitterToos are temporary tattoos ranging in size from about 2 x 2 inches to 2 x 3 inches (larger designs available at vendor events or by special request - ask if you are interested) created with skin-safe glue and glitter - and we have over 50 designs and around 30 colors of glitter to pick from!  

PROS: GlitterToos are water resistant and suitable to pool and sprinkler parties! 

CONS:  Because of their durability, we don't recommend them for faces (especially during the school year).

DURABILITY: Generally a week, but depending on skin type and care, they can last signifigantly longer.

REMOVAL: Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil and let the tattoo 'soak' for a few minutes, then scrub it with a wash cloth or baby wipe.  Repeat if necessary.